Building Bridges


Building Bridges is pleased to accept the 2015 NASPA Promising Practice Award. Thank you Notre Dame faculty for making this possible.

The Building Bridges Mentoring Program matches historically underrepresented first-year students with faculty from the departments that the students wish to explore as possible majors. The foundation of the program is built upon the work of faculty mentors who play an integral role in the academic development of the students. As a result of these early interactions with faculty, many Bridges students find opportunities for research and internships within their first two years. Building Bridges is cosponsored by the Office of the Provost. The Building Bridges Brochure in pdf format is available for download.

History major Camille Suarez' 13 (far left) received her department's award for the best senior thesis. Her mentor Prof. Richard Pierce (near left) served as her thesis advisor. During the summer of her junior year Camille earned a research fellowship that brought her to the campus of Columbia University. Today she is in the University of Pennsylvania's PhD program.

Some notable achievements by the class of 2014:

  • 71% of the 65 STEM majors participated in undergraduate research.
  • 91% of business majors interned with a company before senior year.
  • 29% of the entire class earned an external summer fellowship.
  • 15% will enter graduate school.
  • Six published papers in a peer review journal.