MSPS Student Spotlight: Dayonni Phillips

Author: Sarah Snider


What clubs/activities have you gotten involved in during your time at the University?

I am currently a part of the Step Team, Shades of Ebony, Big Sister/Little Sister program, Building Bridges Mentoring Program, and Black Student Association during my first year at Notre Dame. 

What Academic areas in your majors have you further researched/explored?

I am majoring in Anthropology. After talking with my professor and other graduate students, I have started to focus on archaeology and bioarchaeology. Also, during this second semester, my professor for my history seminar course encouraged me to consider History as a major or minor, because she believes it would fit me well. Therefore, I am currently looking into History as a possible minor or major. 

How did you get involved in research?

In the Building Bridges Mentoring Program, I was paired with Professor Fuentes, the chairman of Anthropology, as my faculty mentor. With Professor Fuentes’s help, I was able to find out about an archaeological field school in which I applied for and was accepted to attend this summer. Also, last semester, my Anthropology professor invited me to go on an excavation in Ireland with her and her partner this June. 

Do you have plans to research over the summer?

 In June, I plan to go on an excavation with my professor to the abandoned Inishark Island in Ireland. From July-August, I plan to attend the Slavia Field School of Mortuary Archaeology in Poland.