MSPS Student Spotlight: Omosefe Obanor

Author: Sarah Snider

This month's Student Spotlight highlights a bright new student on campus. Omosefe Obanor is a First Year student majoring in Chemical Engineering. She was born in Lagos, Nigeria, but now permanently resides in Houston, Texas. Omosefe lives in Lewis Hall. Her hobbies include singing, dancing, and volunteering. We conducted a short interview with Omosefe to get her perspective on campus and see what she's been involved in so far.

Has enrolling at Notre Dame met/exceeded your expectations?

Yes, after coming here I was really surprised to see how everyone creates a sense of community and everyone here really wants to see you succeed and do well. I was able to feel more at home and included in the community

What led you to choose Chemical Engineering as your major?

I chose chemical because it is a very diverse field and I will have the chance to work with various industries across my career whether that be consulting, chemical, industrial, etc. In terms, I’m not 100% sure what area I want to focus on, but I am very open-minded about exploring new fields

What Activities/Clubs have you been active in so far?

I broke down my commitment to clubs in three different categories: academic, social, and spiritual. So far i have joined the Society of Women Engineers, the National Society of Black Engineers, Black Student Association, African Student Association, and Iron Sharpens Iron

What’s been your favorite class?

My freshmen seminar on social stratification. I like this class because we really get to talk about important things related to today’s society such as poverty and the factors that contribute to that.