MSPS Student Spotlight: Xitlaly Estrada

Author: Sarah Snider


Xitlaly Estrada is a senior at Notre Dame, double majoring in Political Science and Latino Studies. She is a native of Bakersfield, California. We conducted a short interview with Xitlaly to see what she's been involved in during her time at the University:

What clubs/activities have you gotten involved in during your time at the University?

I've been a member of the Latino Student Alliance since my Freshman year, and I was the social activism chair sophomore year. I currently serving as the President this year. I’m also really involved in social justice on campus in particular, issues pertaining to race and ethnicity.

What Academic areas in your majors have you further researched/explored?

I'm majoring in Political Science and Latino Studies, and in Political Science I have focused more on American politics and Identity politics, especially pertaining to race and ethnicity. In my Latino Studies major I've really focused on Social Inequality and how the Latino Identity translates into the social American culture.

Graduation is rapidly approaching, do you have any post-grad plans as of now?

I'm planning to attend law school and become a Civil Rights lawyer I want to specialize in post conviction assessment and exonerating people on death row

How you gotten involved in any community service at Notre Dame?

Yes! I have volunteered at the Center for the Homeless, facilitating individuals applying to jobs and tutoring English.​