Register to Vote!

Author: Sarah Snider

Here's some information on how to register to vote and receive your ballot in the mail.

Click HERE to access the ND Votes homepage, which includes:

  • Link to register to vote and/or request an absentee ballot via TurboVote
  • Registration deadlines by state (click here for direct access to the list)
  • List of voter education resources, including who will be on your ballot
  • Full list of ND Votes events and initiatives

Notes on registering to vote via an absentee ballot through TurboVote:

  • On the "Where do you want to register to vote?" page, choose the address of the state that you want to register in! So, if you want to vote in your home state, put down your permanent home address here.
  • On the "Where do you get mail?" page, choose your campus/off-campus address where you want your absentee ballot to be sent
  • You will be sent an application to request an absentee ballot; THIS IS NOT YOUR ACTUAL BALLOT
    • Fill it out and follow the submission instructions; a ballot will be sent to you closer to the election and you will submit that via mail to cast your vote