pics of events co-sponsored by MSPS

There are so many great things happening on campus and so many topics to be explored! Collaboration ensures that our campus community has opportunities to experience rich programs throughout each year. As such, MSPS offers opportunities for co-sponsorship with various departments on campus and organizations on campus. For more information see the details below for qualifications and how to apply. 

  • Cosponsorship requests are considered on a case-by-case basis with members of the entire MSPS staff.
  • Cosponsorship requests can be made at any time, though requests are always subject to available funding.
  • All individuals, clubs, departments, offices, and outside organizations will be subject to the same request review process. Note: Diversity Council member organizations must go through the allocations process at the beginning of the academic year to receive funding from MSPS. 
  • Cosponsorships must align with the mission of MSPS, to support historically underrepresented students at Notre Dame and to advance education in pursuit of racial equity.
  • Cosponsored events must feature the name “Multicultural Student Programs and Services” and/or “MSPS” on all advertisements and publicity; logos and other identifying marks and wording will also be desired when possible.
  • Cosponsorship requests must be made by filling out this short form  along with a detailed proposed budget, as an attachment to
  • Cosponsorship requests will be deliberated on by the entire MSPS staff and an answer returned within one week's time. 

For more information contact