Alumni Networks

Diversity Alumni tailgate weekend courtesy Rosey Valencia

MSPS encourages strong relationships between students and Notre Dame's well-connected alumni. Alumni networks aid in recruiting, support current students, and help students find jobs after Notre Dame. Check out the alumni pages below to learn more about this wonderful support system.

Notre Dame Alumni Diversity Council  builds on the work of the historic Minority Alumni Network (MAN) which consists of the Asian-Pacific Alumni, Black Alumni and Native American Alumni. The council is a place to share best practices, streamline efforts to achieve Notre Dame's vision on diversity, and more effectively support departments across campus, including admissions, financial aid, and academic colleges. 

Asian Pacific Alumni -- Dedicated to serving alumni, students, and faculty of Notre Dame through the support and recognition of the Asian Pacific heritage in the U.S. Find a list of the most recent winners of the annual APA scholarships here.

Black Alumni -- Dedicated to enhancing the presence and experiences of black ND alumni, parents, students and faculty. The Black Alumni of Notre Dame also fund the commemorative Frazier Thompson Scholarship. Find a list of the most recent winners here.

Hispanic Alumni -- Dedicated to serving Notre Dame alumni, students, and faculty of Hispanic heritage. Find a list of the most recent winners of the annual Julian Samora Scholarship here.

Native American Alumni -- Dedicated to developing, maintaining, and celebrating tribal cultures as well as enriching the experience of the Notre Dame family.