Building community across difference

Together, we can build a community in which everyone will flourish.

A community that celebrates difference and increases cultural awareness. A warm, inclusive community. A community that provides rich opportunities and experiences for all.

Multicultural Student Programs and Services (MSPS) works every day to ensure that Notre Dame is a place where everyone can flourish. We offer multicultural students the tools to make the most of their college experience—and prepare for meaningful and rewarding careers. 

Don’t hesitate to come see us. We’ll help you take advantage of everything Notre Dame has to offer.


MSPS Student Spotlight: Omosefe Obanor

Author: Sarah Snider

This month's Student Spotlight highlights a bright new student on campus. Omosefe Obanor is a First Year student majoring in Chemical Engineering. She was born in Lagos, Nigeria, but now permanently resides in Houston, Texas. Omosefe lives in Lewis Hall. Her hobbies include singing, dancing, and volunteering. We conducted a short interview with Omosefe to get her perspective on campus and see what she's been involved in so far.…

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Welcome Class of 2020 and Returning Students

Author: Sarah Snider

The end of summer vacation is rapidly approaching. With that comes apprehension on the 2016 -2017 campus environment.  How will the political landscape, violence erupting throughout the country and perspective of law enforcement affect your experience at Notre Dame?  Your ideologies and arrival will determine how you and your peers will react. We, Multicultural Student Programs and Services in collaboration with the Center for Social Concerns and Notre Dame Security Police, held vigils and a march beginning mid-July. These events were to create space for people in our community to:

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Diane Guerrero Visits Campus!


Location: 102 DeBartolo Hall

Diane Correct Spelling

Come hear actress Diane Guerrero of Orange is the New Black and Jane the Virgin speak about her immigration reform advocacy work and her own experiences growing up in the United States with undocumented, and later deported, parents. …

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Student Spotlight

Loving and Living Life in London: A Study Abroad Reflection by Arielle J. Flowers

Author: Sarah Snider

I don’t even know where to begin with this reflection. There were so many absolutely amazing things that I got to see and experience while studying abroad in London: Buckingham Palace, the British National Museum, Trafalgar Square, Big Ben, Hyde Park, Shakespeare’s Globe Theater, Bath, Stonehenge, Durham and York and Warner Bros.’ Harry Potter Studios, just to name a few. The places that I have been to and the people that I have met along the way have left such a profound impact on my life and I am extremely thankful to have had those experiences. However, if I were to reflect back on anything, it would have to be on the experiences I had participating in the Drumbeat Program unique to the London Global Gateway, the immersive nature of the classes and special trips, the personal growth and sense of community/belonging that I felt within the city.…

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