Building community across difference

Together, we can build a community in which everyone will flourish.

A community that celebrates difference and increases cultural awareness. A warm, inclusive community. A community that provides rich opportunities and experiences for all.

Multicultural Student Programs and Services (MSPS) works every day to ensure that Notre Dame is a place where everyone can flourish. We offer multicultural students the tools to make the most of their college experience—and prepare for meaningful and rewarding careers. 

Don’t hesitate to come see us. We’ll help you take advantage of everything Notre Dame has to offer.


MSPS Student Spotlight: Dayonni Phillips

Author: Sarah Snider


What clubs/activities have you gotten involved in during your time at the University?

I am currently a part of the Step Team, Shades of Ebony, Big Sister/Little Sister program, Building Bridges Mentoring Program, and Black Student Association during my first year at Notre Dame. 

What Academic areas in your majors have you further researched/explored?

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Study Abroad Spotlight: Jean-Pierre Vertil

Author: Sarah Snider

My upbringing in my homeland of Haiti exposed me to the many difficulties that impede the country’s development; including poverty, corruption, unemployment, and the misuse of resources. I have chosen to devote my life to the assistance and promotion of developing countries.

I learned that electricity drives opportunities and goes as far as prolonging school hours and attracting investors in different fields who in turn contribute to the growth and development of impoverished communities. In other words, the generation and access to electricity is synonymous to the generation and access to opportunities of different forms.…

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Student Spotlight

Participating in ND's DC Program: Sarafina Joseph

Author: Sarah Snider

By Sarafina Jospeh

During my time at Notre Dame, I explored different areas outside of my academic interests which included faith-based groups, student government groups, and even worked as a research assistant. Each contributed to my growth as a Notre Dame student. Over the course of that exploration, I added Africana Studies as a minor and have since been dedicated to advocating for social justice, particularly in urban communities throughout the nation. Participating in Notre Dame’s DC program provided the hands-on experience I needed to learn about the policy making process at a ground level. An opportunity that led eventually resulted in a great summer opportunity.…

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