MiND Workshop

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MiND (Microaggression Intervention @ Notre Dame) is a workshop created to educate Notre Dame students about how to maintain a welcoming space for all students at the University. It provides students the space to have conversations around race, understand the nature of racial microaggressions, and to develop skills necessary to become active bystanders when racial microaggressions occur. 

Although a single program, policy, or workshop will not solve the issues faced by students, the hope is that if enough of the ND Community becomes aware of the impact that words and actions have on peers, then we can begin to collectively make changes that over time help our campus evolve into a more inclusive and welcoming space for everyone at Notre Dame.

The one-hour MiND workshop is facilitated by MSPS senior Fellows. If you wish to request MiND in your residence hall, student club, or student organization, please use this link.