MSPS Scholars Program

Barrios Marliece

The MSPS Scholars Program prepares Notre Dame students for graduate school. Undergraduates who are exploring the possibility of pursuing graduate degrees (master and PhD) after their time at Notre Dame are invited to participate. The program assists students with finding research with Notre Dame faculty. The experience is designed to inform students about the career path of being a researcher.

Students are also encouraged to participate in summer research fellowships often at other institutions. These fellowships typically are 10-weeks, cover all expenses, and pay students for their work as undergraduate research fellows. During the summer of 2022, Marliece Barrios '23 (right) attended Stanford University's MSTP BOOST program designed for students who are exploring MD-PhD programs. Marliece spent the previous summer as a research fellow with the Mayo Clinic. Those results were recently published.

Pic In Front Rover 2

Nelson Badillo Perez '23 spent the summer of 2022 as a research fellow at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and has a wonderful story. Currently, he has PhD offers from Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Pennsylvania, Carnegie Mellon, Georgia Tech, Texas, Rice, and Notre Dame.

Since 2009, thirty-eight alumni matriculated into PhD programs. Of the twenty-one students who have completed their PhD's, eight are in academe (including five who are tenure track assistant professors) and thirteen are working in the private sector. 



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